TV appearances


Appearing at Master of Illusion, hosted By Dean Cain, Returns Friday, June 7 With Back-To-Back Episodes on the CW Network, produced by Associated Television International.

Live television special at the Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, where top magicians around the world perform for the celebrity judges and the live studio audience. Watch BTS video here!

LIVE TV show – 最強No.1決定戦 マジック王─キング─  at tv asahi where I appeared as a guest star-performer and a judge. Click to see more!

幸福中国合家欢 江苏卫视乙未羊年春节大联欢 Chinese New Year Celebration TV Show, where I was invited to perform a highlight of my act, large scale illusions, and sing with Xiao Yang from the Chopstick Brothers on Jiangsu TV. Watch BTS video here.

大魔术师 aka “The Great Magician” is China’s First Stars’ Magic Reality Show, which features 6 magicians and their chosen celebrity students performing each week front of celebrity judges and a live studio audience at the CCTV China Central Television studio station. Click to see more! 

BTV Beijing Media Network Special Game Show I was invited to participate while I was appearing in China, where world top magicians teach their celebrity students to perform and impress the studio audience. This was really fun.

Appearing at Masters of Illusion TV series, I was performing my sleight-of-hand costume change act front of a studio audience.

My dream came true when I was invited to France to perform at Europe’s No1 Variety Tv Show. Presenting my sleight-of-hand costume change act on France 2 Television for Patrick Sébastien and his guest at Cabaret Du Monde TV Show, LIVE on tape. Click to see more!

I was introduced by Lance Burton, and honored to receive the “Best Cabaret Magician” award, live on tape, Airing on MyNetwork TV, hosted by Jill St. John and Robert Wagner, produced by Associated Television International.
I was performing both my sleight-of-hand costume change act, and a large scale escape illusion.

I was asked by the most-watched TV series, RTL Klub’s Focus, to do a special on me and my story in America when I returned to Hungary to visit my family.

Japanese TV program, Mentai Waido on FBS visited us while we were performing in Kokura, Japan. It was number of live TV spots, where we were interviewd about the show and was presenting number of different magic effect for the delightful hosts

Appearing on the most popular morning live Hungarian TV show on the RTL klub, where I was performing some close-up magic and discussing “cabaret life”. Hosted by beloved Hungarian actress, Anita Ábel.

Once again I was invited for the morning live Hungarian TV show on the RTL klub, which was hosted by Hungarian retired world champion boxer, Koko (István Kovács).

Because of my recent photoshoot at the most popular man’s magazine in Hungary, I was asked by the most-watched TV series, Focus, to do a special on me and my story on the Hungarian TV channel, RTL klub.

I was invited to perform live on air some close up magic and talk about my recent performance in Dubai on the most popular TV station, Magyar Televizió (Hungarian Television).

My act was featured once again on the Hungarian TV station, channel 2 (TV2).

My performance at the Astoria Club was recorded by the Hungarian TV channel, Szív TV (TV Heart).

I was also asked to perform my award winning act, live on air at the popular Hungarian TV channel, Duna TV (TV Danube).

After receiving the International Award and the title “Magician of the Year“, I was asked to appearing on the most popular morning live Hungarian TV show at the RTL klub.

After competing on more magic festivals, I was asked to perform on Hungarian TV channel 2 ( TV2) again, but on a different show.

After competing at winning first place at the Železnobrodské Days of Magic Championship in Czech Republic, I was asked to perform my act on the Hungarian TV channel 2 (TV 2), which was live on air.

One day a reporter hear about our magic gatherings and came to one of our meetings to videotape us performing our magic. This was my first TV appearance, and it was on the number one Hungarian Television station, MTV