Chinese New Year Jiangsu TV show

I was honored to be invited to the special 2015 Jiangsu Year of the Sheep Spring Festival Gala celebration (2015江苏羊年春晚), also known as the Chinese New Year Celebration.

Performing a highlight of my act, followed by spectacular, large-scale illusions and finally making my partner, Mr Yang Hongji (杨洪基), magically appear. You might remember seeing us perform at the recent “大魔术师” aka the Great Magician TV series.

After our duet of the famous TFBOYS song “Practice Book for Youth” (青春修煉手冊), the hosts, Xiao Yang (肖央) from Chopstick Brothers (筷子兄弟) and the breathtaking Wang Jue (王珏) joined us on stage and challenged us to sing the popular Chopstick Brothers song, Little Apple (小苹果) together, which is the theme song of the movie, Old Boys: The Way of the Dragon (老男孩猛龙过江). The Chopstick Brothers has received the Best International Song Award at the 2014 AMAs (American Music Awards).

Here is a little sneak peek  video of my behind the scenes journey. I know that we are very silly here, but laughter is the best way to get through hard work and long preparations! Without my team, I wouldn’t be able to accomplish this project, and they were the ones making me look good on stage. They came 6am in the rehearsal studio every morning and tolerated my meticulous self that likes to practice for long hours without a break, so a very big thank you for that! Also note my partner in crime, Mr Yang who, regardless of his age, gets through any physical challenges to make magic happen (just like on “大魔术师” aka the Great Magician TV series). He is super pro and I love him dearly. And of course the entire crew (on and off screen) who are respectful, making me feel welcome every time I’m in China! 🙏