Magic King 最強No.1決定戦 マジック王─キング

Magic King aka 最強No.1決定戦 マジック王─キング is a LIVE on AIR reality magic competition show on TV Asahi, where 4 Japanese magicians will show their best magical skills and the audience vote for their favorite performer. The winner will take home 1,000,000 Japanese Yen. The celebrity judges made the show experience even more exciting and of course the special guest performer from overseas who opened the show and also joins the board of judges.. and that’s where I come into the picture. ^^

dress rehearsal for the crew in the TV Asahi studio before we go LIVE

The Magic King was hosted by Yoshizumi Ishihara (石原良純ヒロミ). Celebrity guests were LiLiCo, Rika Adachi (足立梨花), Kei Mukai (Panther) (向井 慧(パンサー)), and Takuya Ide (井出卓也).

watching the performers and commenting on their performance behind the scenes

I was super excited to be invited back to Japan and meet my Japanese fans again! As always, the production was nothing but the best and I’m looking forward returning really soon!